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What are Harmony® Diamonds and Harmony® Metals?

Hoover & Strong, one of Victoria’s suppliers, has created a recycling project for precious metals and gemstones. This description from Hoover & Strong’s website: Harmony® Metals and Gems are innovative, environmentally and socially responsible jewelry products which keeps precious metals & diamonds in use and in the supply chain to reduce the impact of mining on the environment.

Do you offer ring sizing?

The short answer is maybe. Some rings can be resized up or down one size or less depending upon their design. Complex ring designs with various inlaid and bezel set stones are much more difficult to resize. We suggest contacting us regarding these questions about specific items, and for quotes on related costs. Once a ring has been resized it is no longer returnable or fully refundable. 

What is the difference between “in stock” items vs. “to-order” items?

“In stock” items are available ready to ship. “To-order” purchases are not available for immediate shipment; they will be produced at the time of purchase/order, just for you These will ship approximately 2-6 weeks after you place your order, depending on complexity of design and availability of special materials.

Return/Exchange policy:

We wish you to be completely delighted and satisfied with your new Victoria Adams jewelry or handbag. However if you are unhappy for any reason please contact us to discuss a solution. Full returns are accepted within 15 days of purchase and items must be in original condition. Buyer is responsible for return shipping and insurance. Customized items are not returnable. 

Shipping methods & policies:

We use USPS and FedEx as carriers to securely and discreetly ship our products to clients. If you have concerns or requests prior to placing your order please email us directly. We offer free shipping.

Do you accept commissions, custom or special orders?

Please contact us regarding your vision of a custom designed item. Throughout her career, Victoria has worked with many clients to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and handbag designs. As you explore the Legacy section you will have a window into the broad scope of Victoria’s creations.

Limited warranty

We guarantee your purchase to be free from defects in workmanship and materials when leaving the studio. Victoria Adams’ Studio warranties for the lifetime of your jewelry to repair, replace or refund defects from workmanship or materials, but not from wear and tear. We also cannot warranty our work if it is repaired, altered or modified in any way, resized or had work completed by any other artist besides Victoria Adams Studio.

Care of jewelry and gemstones

If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding the care of your special item please reach out to Victoria Adams studio.


Most all jewelry produced by Victoria can be hand cleaned using a soft toothbrush (excluding an ultrasonic toothbrush), warm water and diluted liquid dish soap, such as Dawn®. Be certain to completely rinse away all soap residue under warm running water. Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies and similar gemstones will brighten if residue is removed from their undersides. Such cleaning allows the light to be refracted off gemstones’ faceted surfaces.


Use of a commercial jewelry polishing cloth on 18 karat gold or sterling silver, with or without gemstones, is an excellent first choice for home/hand polishing. Sunshine® brand polishing cloths are of very high quality. This type of cloth will turn black with use, but do not wash it. The black residue is tarnish being removed from your jewelry piece. You may consider wearing soft work gloves or rubber gloves while using a polishing cloth, as they leave a slight powdery residue on your hands, though it is easily washed away.


We advise you to NOT store your items in leather boxes, bags or pouches made from commercial leather. Commercially tanned leather contains chemical remnants of the tanning process which interact with metals and can discolor or harm your valuable item.

Gemstone specific care

Diamonds are at the top of the Mohs Scale of hardness at 10. Stones which are mid-range and lower on this scale are softer, still durable but more porous. They can absorb products such as natural skin oils and hand cream. Over the years, exposure to these types of products may alter the color or hue of certain stones. Stones such as Turquoise, Sugilite, Lapis Lazuli and Opal are mid range on the Mohs scale of hardness: Do not place them in an Ultra Sonic jewelry cleaning unit! This includes Pearls, Coral, fossilized Dinosaur Bone, Fossils, and similar organic materials. Jewelry cleaning cloths or soft brush, warm water and diluted liquid soap are safer choices.

Any questions?